PC-Dmis Specialists for Training, Programming & Solutions

Automettech offer a complete range of PC-Dmis related services and products to support our customers across all industries.


We use our expertise to offer training, programming and bespoke solutions to enable our customers to better leverage their investment in PC-Dmis, the world leading CMM software.

We specialise in PC-Dmis training and programming support, and our bespoke solutions are used to streamline and integrate CMM inspection into the wider quality systems required by modern manufacturing.

PC-Dmis Training UK

Affordable professional training

Your experienced expert instructor will teach you and your staff how to master PC-Dmis using best practice methods.

From beginner to advanced - pick from a range of standard courses, or bespoke content tailored to your individual requirements.

PC-Dmis Programming Subcon

Accurate & robust programs

We have more than twenty years of experience across a range of industries including aerospace, motor-sport, automotive, oil & gas and general manufacturing.


We can create part-programs either onsite or offline, working to drawings, CAD or model based definitions (MBD).

PC-Dmis Automation

Next-level PC-Dmis solutions


We are the experts in PC-Dmis automation - from operator interfaces to SPC, or custom report templates to data reporting solutions.


  This is what we do.

If you think it's a good idea, we can probably make it happen.

PrgFIX - Productivity tool for PC-Dmis

​PrgFIX is a new productivity tool for PC-Dmis that speeds up some of the necessary but time consuming aspects of generating a well structured part program and report.


With PrgFix you can...


  • Quickly update Features ID's

  • Auto-name circles and cylinders

  • Name constructed features and their child features

  • Change (and make bulk changes) to Autofeature parameters

  • Quickly update Dimension ID's

  • Insert auto-generated comments for dimensions

  • Make bulk changes to dimension tolerances

Watch the demo video below, or get in touch for your free 28 day demo version.

PC-Dmis Productivity

Customers and Testimonials


With a growing reputation for a personalised, unique service tailored to meet your exact needs, ‘stayinphase’ offers a design, manufacture and installation package of racing yacht winch systems and related sail handling systems.


Precision CNC manufacturing facility specialising in exotic materials.  Marshalsea offer multi axis machining capability to all industries including oil and gas, renewable energy, nuclear, automotive, industrial and telecommunications. They have the capacity to cope with high volume orders, and the skills to produce one-off parts for bespoke applications


Retrac Productions, along with its established sister company Retrac Composites, offer engineering design and manufacturing services to the Aerospace, Motorsports and Automotive Industries.

Chris Hutt - Marshalsea Engineering

"Automettech are our first choice for all CMM matters, we use them for programming complex parts and also training of our staff. 


We can send Jon a drawing and CAD model to have parts programmed offsite, and then have him onsite to prove out and assist our inspection team.


Automettech also provide us a vital software interface for PC-Dmis which allows our machine operators to quickly access and utilise the CMM for in-process inspection of precision mill turn components. 


Automettech will also advise on fixturing and probe configurations for new parts or for improvements to existing programs."