Special Offer - 10% off PC-Dmis Offline Programming

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to all customers for any offline programming booked in April.

PC-Dmis Programming & On-site Support

Whether you need cover for holidays or absence, or simply don't have the capacity, we offer a full range of on-site or offline programming, working with CAD models, drawings or model based definitions (MBD).

  • Offline programming - working to CAD models and drawings we can deliver complete PC-Dmis programs for you to run yourselves.  Programs are tested for collision detection and come with full set-up & execution instructions.  Reporting can be done to the format of your choosing (numbered drawings and reports, sheet and grid referenced dimensions).

  • On-site programming support - typically this can be to cover short term absence, or increase programming capacity or capabilities for complex jobs.  Working to shift patterns or night shifts can be arranged.

Read on to see the benefits of letting Automettech write your part programs...


01 / Accurate

Accuracy is everything, and Automettech have a wealth of experience in programming for high accuracy sectors - aerospace, motor-sport, medical and oil & gas.  We understand how important accurate data is to your business and have a proven track record of delivering it.

Our highly skilled PC-Dmis programmers can generate your part programs, from simple programs for checking a couple of critical features to highly complex aero-engine components and everything in-between.

Excellent knowledge of GD&T means we can properly interpret design intent and ensure your programs reflect this.

02 / Robust

Our programs are rock solid - a fact we take much pride in.

There are many things that can wreak havoc with a PC-Dmis part program: incorrect alignments, poor naming conventions, untidy theoretical values and vectors to name a few.  Whether this causes file corruption, changing nominal values or simply inaccurate results, the outcome is never desirable.

Well thought out, and impeccably structured; our programs are beautifully engineered.

03 / Quick

We're not talking cycle times here (although we can keep this to a minimum if that's important to you), more that we can generate part programs quickly.  We've got the experience and we know all the tricks, and we've had a LOT of practice.

Get in touch for a quote - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.