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Affordable Expert Training

Automettech offer a comprehensive range of certified PC-Dmis training courses.

From beginner to advanced, we have delivered hundreds of courses across a range of industries.

Whilst we offer a range of standard courses, we pride ourselves on tailoring each course to the specific requirements of the customer.  We work primarily with your parts to better enable trainees to tackle the measurement challenges they're likely to face in their day-to-day work, instead of measuring the same training part again and again.

We also offer bespoke training on the more specialist areas of PC-Dmis such as GD&T, reporting, flow control and PC-Dmis automation using VisualBasic.

See below for course content, and get in touch to let us handle your PC-Dmis training requirements.


Standard Courses

Level 1 - Beginner


Course duration - 3 to 5 days depending on software version and previous experience


Perhaps the most important course - start as you mean to go on and build on solid foundations.  This course will get you up and running whilst teaching best practice programming techniques.

Typical content covers:

  • Probe definition and calibration

  • Alignments - with a strong focus on you own parts (we will cover car-body/aircraft alignment techniques if required)

  • Program structure - teaching best practice to generate accurate and robust part programs

  • Feature measurement - creating features from both drawing and CAD with the focus dictated by the customer

  • Constructed features

  • Dimensions and tolerances

  • Reporting formats and options

Our aim is to have the trainee able (and confident) to write accurate, robust, full DCC/CNC programs after completing this course. 

We recognise however that this is a lot to learn, so we happily offer follow-up support via telephone or email for all trainees.

Level 2 - Intermediate


Course duration - 3 days


Mastered the basics and ready to progress?  The level 2 course is more flexible and tailored to the areas of the software which will help you program more efficiently, plus covering some more advanced techniques.

The first day of this course is typically a Q&A session where we can address any issues the trainee(s) have from the level 1 course and look at ways of tackling tasks they've struggled with.

Typical content can cover:

  • Alignments - Iterative (car-body/aircraft) & Best-fit

  • Read-point alignment

  • Scanning - either touch-trigger or analogue scanning using basic and advanced scans

  • Patterns and loops (pros and cons, and knowing when to use them)

  • Variable assignments and flow control

  • Dimensions - XactMeasure (FCF builder) and Legacy dimensions

  • Graphical analysis tools

Level 2 is aimed at cementing the level 1 content and teaching techniques which will aid the trainee in their day-to-day tasks, plus opening up other functionality within PC-Dmis which will help the trainee in enhancing their part programs.

Level 3 - Advanced


Course duration - 2 days


For the seasoned PC-Dmis programmer, this course covers the less common areas of the software.  We will cover some or all of the following but focus on the areas most relevant to the trainee.

Typical content can cover (but is not limited to):

  • Reporting - Forms, Report Templates & Custom Reports

  • External Alignments

  • Looping programs

  • Parametric programming (One program for a family of parts)

  • Introduction to scripting and automation

This course lets the trainee focus on specific areas of interest, using advanced functionality to help them develop smarter more efficient programs (or to accomplish tasks more efficiently).

Bespoke Training


Course duration - 1 or 2 days


In depth and focused on one or two specific topics as requested by the customer.  Bespoke training lets you fully master particular areas of PC-Dmis - be it flow control, forms, complex alignments, GD&T or any other advanced functionality.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

GD&T Basics & PC-Dmis


Course duration - 1 day


A one day GD&T course aimed at PC-Dmis programmers.

The first part of the course gives an overview of GD&T discussing the concepts and terminology, as well as highlighting some common misconceptions of the subject and clearly explaining the parts with which many struggle.

The second part of the course covers the GD&T reporting options in PC-Dmis and looks at the pros, cons and limitations of the different techniques.

01 / PC-DMIS
  • Level 1/2/3 PC-Dmis 

  • On-site programming training - Using your system and your parts

  • Beginner to Advanced

  • Teaches best practice

  • Highly affordable

  • Flow control and branching - add flexibility to your programs

  • Forms and Reports

  • Parametric Programming

  • Automation using scripts and/or

03 / GD&T
  • Introduction to GD&T

  • Basic principles

  • Datum reference frame and basic dimensions

  • Decoding feature control frames