Simple. Powerful. Intuitive.

Network-ready operator interface for PC-Dmis.

RunDmis represents an affordable system for the management and execution of your part programs.

Many hours of work may have gone in to producing your Part Programs - protect your investment by ensuring they are stored in a safe and secure location.

01 / Simple

Program management is a cinch: a top-level root directory is specified by the system manager, and RunDmis simply maps the directory structure from that point down, showing only available folders and part programs.

This means you don’t have to individually add programs to the interface, and can organise them in Windows as you choose, be it by product line, customer, cell or machine.

02 / Powerful

RunDmis is a network ready operator interface for PC-Dmis.

Part programs can be stored on a network drive and downloaded to the CMM PC for execution, ensuring master programs are protected from corruption or accidental edits.  This also allows programs to be distributed to more than one CMM, taking the hassle out of revision changes.

A range of innovative features allow the system admin complete control over the process.

03 / Intuitive

Operators can select a program by navigating the program menu, much as they would in Windows, however only approved part programs are available for them to select, and a powerful search function allows operators to quickly locate programs rather than having to navigate to them.  Alternatively programs can be called up by the scan of a bar-code (either a direct match of a program name or a lookup table can be used).

A part image or setup instructions can be displayed to the user – with the option of more detailed information if required.

Little or no training is required for operators.

RunDmis Features

  • Supports both simple and complex programs (i.e. those that reference external files such as Scripts, Forms and Custom Reports)

  • Suitable for stand-alone or networked systems

  • Programs copied to an Execution Directory on the local PC for execution – prevents corruption to valuable part programs and allows CMMs running different versions of PC-Dmis to run the same programs

  • Version control – checks for newer versions before execution

  • Three qualification control methods – Manual, Timed, or Forced

  • Probe qualification achieved using supplied qualification program template

  • Ease-of-setup and management: specify a single directory which is ‘mapped’ to the interface – no need to manually add programs

  • Bar-code Look-up option – select a program with a quick scan of a bar-code

  • Supports multiple versions of PC-Dmis

  • Up to date architecture built using the .NET framework

  • Part setup images and help information

  • Clean and modern user interface

  • Legacy Systems Support: Although we highly recommend keeping your PC-Dmis licenses up-to-date, RunDmis will work with legacy systems back to PC-Dmis V3.7 (Windows XP, Windows 7 & Windows 10 OS supported).  If you have a legacy system (Pre 2009) let us know so we can test for your specific version requirements