Automettech offer a range of products to compliment PC-Dmis

RunDmis Logo.png

RunDmis - Simple. Powerful. Intuitive.

Easy to use and manage, RunDmis is a network ready operator interface for PC-Dmis.  Works with legacy versions of PC-Dmis (so no problem if your SMA has expiered)


PrgFIX - PC-Dmis productivity utility

A real time saver - PrgFIX speeds up many of the annoyingly time consuming aspect of creating PC-Dmis part program.

Auto-create feature names, bulk change auto feature parameters, auto-generate report comments and more.

RepDmis Logo.png

RepDMIS - Lightweight Reporting Solution

Massively useful tool - RepDmis is a report database with some added benefits.  See a complete historical record of your CMM inspection history, spot trends and filter reports.

Export custom report selections to Excel.