PC-Dmis Tutorial Videos

01 / Modify Report Logo

Learn how to quickly change the logo on your PC-Dmis reports to your own company logo

02 / Understanding Report Templates

Learn about report templates and the rule tree editor

03 / Custom Comment Label

Improve the appearance and readability of your reports and create a custom comment label for your PC-Dmis report

04 / Custom Report Header - Part 1

See how to define the layout and format for a custom report header

05 / Custom Report Header - Part 2

Learn how to easily populate the fields on your report header in a number of ways

06 / Completing the Custom Text Only Report

Putting it all together to create a finished Text Only report

07 / Program Mode for Quick CAD Alignment

Quick intro to using Program Mode for a quick and easy CAD alignment

08 / Using Edit Window Colours

Use Edit Window Colours to make your programs easier to read and navigate

Using a Master Probe to ensure measurements taken with one probe relate to measurements taken with another

09 / Probe Calibration