PC-Dmis Scripts

A collection of free scripts for use with PC-Dmis

Here is a collection of free PC-Dmis scripts - created by Jon Wood (Automettech) - they have been freely available on various forums but we're putting the best ones together here for you to download.

The scripts are in .txt format.  To use you need to change the file extension from .txt to .bas (you may need to change Windows settings if you can't see the file extensions - drop us a line if you're not sure how to do this).

In your part program make sure the cursor is at the end of the program and from the menus select Inset > Basic Script.

Navigate to where you saved the .bas file and select it then click 'Open'.

Note: Scripts are typically added unmarked, so you will need to mark it in order for it to execute.

Some of the scripts have various setting available (detailed below).  To change these settings Edit (F9) the command in the Edit Window to open the script in the basic script editor.  Make sure to save any changes you make!

There are instructions contained within the script which explain the various settings.

We hope you find these scripts useful!

Note: The scripts are provided 'as is' and not assertions are made to the functionality or suitability of the scripts, and no liability will be assumed from any issues arising from the use of these scripts.  That said they have been used many times by dozens of users without issue.



This incredibly useful script will save a copy of each and every execution of your program.  It can be a real life saver when there is a need to review and re-examine historical part data. 


For example: if incorrect tolerances have been used; following design changes after part failure in the field; or information missing from inspection reports.  As long as the required features have been measured new dimensions can be added, tolerances changed and reports regenerated.

It only saves the .PRG file (you can re-import the .CAD from the original program if you need) so the archive directory remains small.

Note: When it executes this script first saves the executing program, then makes a copy.  This may be an issue if your master programs are meant to be saved with no measured values in them.

Export to CSV (EXP2CSV.BAS)

This script will export report data to a CSV file (or other text format or your choosing).

The .CSV file will open easily in Excel; if your standard reports are in .PDF format this is a useful tool if you want to have a quick and easy backup with data that that can be analysed (for SPC for example).

It runs quickly and invisibly and there are options for choosing which data to export - for example out of tolerance only, or dimensions which are set not to report within PC-Dmis.

Note: EXP2CSV.BAS currently only works with Legacy dimensions.

More coming soon...